"A Strong Intention"

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A poem dedicated to masochistic wounding: a wounding of boundary invasion by others, of stuffing down the pain inflicted by others with the intent to make you take on more than you need to, negativity you don’t need, habits you don’t need, even friends/people you don’t need.  Such a pattern creates the need to live in negativity, so much so that you don’t even realize it playing out in your own actions. Have you ever stopped to wonder if the lack of strengthening your own boundaries is allowing the continual invasion of your boundaries by others?

I see you masochism, you sneaky buggah. 

And now here we are,
Here I am.
I am here, not there,
Present, so I'm aware,
that I don't need to go out there,
To make sure things are fair.
Oh, don't forget safe,
It has to be safe out there...
So I don't need to be scared
Of all the world's issues,
Afraid to grab a tissue,
Because boundaries have been invaded,

You start to see life so jaded,

and how everything out there,

Will never truly be "fair".
So let's just be aware,
Not be taken over by external scares.
For if we choose to know self,
We will be treated to wealth.
So let's activate our capacity
To know we ARE tenacity.
We exist and we evolve,
There is no problem we can't solve,
When we choose to first go inward,
We can then become true stewards,
Of all space, time, dimensions,

Oops did I forget to mention?
It starts with a strong intention.

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