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Blink, and you may change,

Blink, and you may remain the same.

Blink, and make a wish,

Blink, and you might win, you might miss,

Blink, you may receive,

Blink, you just might learn to believe,

In something greater than yourself,

Rather than solely seeking superiority and wealth.

Blink to forget,

Blink, and you may regret.

Blink, and you may feel,

Blink, and let those feelings heal -

You down to your core,

It may sometimes be sore,

But that's what it takes,

There are many stakes,

In expanding your awareness,

And learning to be careless,

While simultaneously caring,

It sounds confusing and daring,

But just look around in nature to see,

The equilibrium that brings us to be,

A part of this cycle,

Nature is more than  just survival,

When you see that nothing really dies,

You live more present and time doesn't so much fly,

But rather it coasts,

With a stillness that boasts,

That life is much more than what it seems,

There's a reason you have dreams,

To rise up and evolve,

To send love and resolve,

The things we call issues,

Find the solutions within you.


So don't be afraid to blink,

Don't be afraid to sink.

As long as you learn,

You will never have to yearn.

See, success and power come from within,

So don't spread yourself so thin.

You will never please all,

And you're entitled to fall,

Because this is your endeavor,

So choose presence, be clever,

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