About Crystal Clear Remedies LLC

My story

Hi there! As the owner and designer at Crystal Clear Remedies LLC, I want to extend a sincere thank you for stopping by!

I have always been viewed by others as "different" for so many reasons, including but obviously not limited to my optimist-realist way of thinking to my extreme immersion in various interests. I always knew I wanted to help people, and thought I would want to be a doctor. However that was not the path for me. As I aged, I learned to embrace my aforementioned "differences" and realized my true purpose in life is to use these attributes to help people in a multi-faceted fashion.
My introduction to alternative medicine spawned from facing chronic discomforts and physical ailments at the tender age of 24 after the birth of my daughter, Sydney, including unexplained bruising, digestive issues, fatigue and chronic colds. Many times, medical doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, and instead of looking at the root cause, I was filled with endless prescriptions and denials to a variety of health programs because I wasn't actually "sick" yet. This led me to research and implement preventative health in my own life, at which point I realized many of my discomforts were not solely related to my physical tendencies. **This is not to discredit medical doctors in any way. Their work is extremely important and modern medicine has done and continues to do wonders for humanity.**
With a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, I am a methodological and logical thinker. However, sometimes it can be wise to follow your gut, and though, not what I previously studied, mine told me to choose the path of continuous study in various areas of wellness including yoga, energy work, and ayurveda. My journey is far from over; I am currently working towards certifications in Crystal Healing and Ayurvedic Wellness Consulting, so look forward to more information on these subjects in the near future!! If you have a question I cannot answer, rest assured I will utilize all resources to find the answer for you.