Holistic Nutition Counseling

Your body has the power to heal itself

When given the care and tools necessary to do so.
Health and wellness is a lifelong journey.
Let’s be real here.  What our bodies look and feel like are NOT solely based on what we have on our plates.  It can be a result of the many areas of our lives that create imbalances in our minds, bodies, and souls.
Do you feel me on this?

circle of life

You may have unwanted patterns and traumas from past experiences in multiple areas of life - cue the circle of life to your left.  My holistic approach focuses on bringing balance to each area to create wellness in your life.
The key to optimal wellness at any age is self-awareness and transformation of negative habitual patterns, with a focus and self-care.  Easier said than done, but figuring out what you truly want and need to allow wellness in your life will help you feel more vibrant and able to take on whatever it is you want and need to do in this life.
Let’s work together to find the root causes of your relationship to food.

Some topics covered include:
  • Binge Eating/Over-eating
  • Body Image & Weight
  • Energy & Fatigue
  • Immune Function
  • Supplementation
  • Over 100 dietary theories
    • How low- and high- level stress can lead to poor digestion and assimilation of food & life experiences
    • Mindfulness practices: yoga, breathing, meditation - this can be tough! Find what works for you
    • Bio-individuality:“Eat this, don’t eat that” doesn’t always fit your needs - no cookie cutter meal plans
Optional but available aspects of the program included: Astrology, energy healing, chakra readings