African Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

African Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

  • "The stone of evolution"
  • Brings about change and transformation
  • Supportive energy opens mind to new possibilities
  • Balance, confidence and drive to process life experiences and renews spirit, energy and path in life
  • Unlocks great wisdom
  • Clear, focused mindset
  • Connects and strengthens mind, body, spirit connection, especially during growth periods
  • Associated with Third Eye Chakra, balancing and increasing our ability to see life with clarity and awareness
  • Seeking to find your purpose or to connect with your true essence/highest self?  This is a great stone for you!
This is a great stone for anyone who is wondering why they aren't doing what they want to in life. **It should be noted that I am not a medical doctor, and that crystals are a part of a holistic wellness program to amplify your intentions for healing and increased quality of life.  Additional lifestyle actions are likely necessary in detailed aspects of life to fully heal the underlying issues(s).  Meditate with your stones or sign up for our upcoming newsletters to learn some wellness practices that can help you live your best life.