“Balance” Healing Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

“Balance” Healing Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

Need more balance in your life?  Balance your energy/prana/chi/self with this healing gemstone bracelet.

This bracelet covers all the chakras, as well as different interactions between the chakras (energy centers of your energy field), providing you support in grounding, connection to self, others, and your Divine, speaking your truths, harmony, and deepened intuition. 

May this bracelet serve you with balance in all areas of your life. 🙏


The story: This piece actually came about as a custom order for a friend who was familiar with many stones, but wanted to be introduced to new stones, with the intention to be balanced, energized, and clear in this new chapter of her life.

What is balance?  If you zoom out, or zoom in, you will see that the answer to this question changed quite significantly based on your perspective.  The key to a life of wellness will differ for each individual, and the healing journey is one that encompasses life.