Custom Healing Gemstone Bracelet

Custom Healing Gemstone Bracelet

Get the most out of amplifying your intentions with this custom healing gemstone bracelet with stones intuitively chosen by Jess.

Include your intentions for each bracelet at checkout or e-mail Jess to get insight and clarify your desires for the bracelet(s) before purchase.

NOTE: Pictured are 4 bracelets that were the results of custom bracelets and just an example.  You will not receive all four bracelets if this item is purchased.

What You Get:

  • One High-quality Authentic Gemstone Bracelet Made to Serve You at the Highest Good
  • Intuitive and Educated/Logical Stone Choices
  • Personalized Info and Blessings Message Card
  • Complimentary Chakra Scan & Mini Energy Healing (Optional)