8-Card Divine Plan Angel Card Reading

8-Card Divine Plan Angel Card Reading

The Divine Plan card reading is broken down into 8 cards:



  • Current Reality
  • The Challenge
  • Angel Mind - Open your consciousness to higher wisdom
  • Letting Go
  • Your Wisdom
  • Your Talents and Abilities
  • The Message
  • The Gift


    This particular reading is a powerful way for you to work with the angels to attune to your current thoughts and feelings in a way that you get to know and even remember parts of yourself on an introspective journey.  With that awareness, you can begin to understand your purpose in life, insight on your current situation, and what’s the next step in your journey.

    All cards are drawn from Kimberly Marooney’s “Angel Blessings: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration”.  The method for this particular reading is also drawn from this text.

    Why Trust Jess to Deliver the Angel Messages?

    You may be wondering what makes me so special to deliver these angel card readings.  Marooney’s book does offer guidance and in-depth messages about the angels and insights, however, I channel messages of my own that are pertinent to your specific situation.  I started this journey learning about energy healing and crystal healing, which was induced by life showing me I was giving too much of myself when I have the right to also be taken care of.  I started having people come into my life really giving me a hard time and I learned to use tools such as the angel cards, crystal healing, etc. to not allow others to drain my energy and form belief systems/behavioral patterns that were not mine.  The result was much more freedom, peace of mind, and more power to create the life I want rather than struggling to get by living a life that wasn’t fulfilling me. My main focus became creating jewelry people could wear to remind them of their purpose and ability to heal themselves, and one day, I was just called to do these readings; I’ve had great accuracy ever since.  Again, you can check out my reviews on Instagram on any angel card reading post!


    How Does this Intertwine with My Current Religious Beliefs?

    No matter what religion you believe in (or don’t believe in), most humans can agree they feel a higher power at work in their lives.  Whether it be a guardian angel, God, Buddha, the Universe, an ancestor or loved one who unfortunately passed, this concept of being guided by a higher power is something many of us feel.  I don’t claim any one religion, but I do focus on the foundational concepts of spirituality, emotion, heart-centered love and compassion and interconnectedness with others.


    If you are even reading this, I have to believe you found me for a reason, and in Divine timing.  You have a team of Divine beings who have always communicated with you to help you along on your path.  However, there are a lot of reasons we may block these messages or choose not to hear or see them. The more you heal and work with these angels, the easier it will be for them to communicate messages of higher wisdom, guidance, and high vibes like peace, love, joy, prosperity, etc.


    What If I Just Want to Do the Reading on My own?

    If you want to do the reading yourself and have access to this amazing resource at your fingertips, no problem!  You can go ahead and purchase the card and book set on Amazon.


    What if My Reading Makes No Sense at all?

    The reading may be spot on, or you may come across things that may not resonate with you.  I encourage you to take what does resonate and roll with it, and I ask you to be mindful of the way you perceive the information by simply being open to this healing and guidance.  If you are highly skeptical, I ask that you re-consider.  If you are completely dissatisfied with your reading, a partial refund may be considered.


    How Does it Work?

    Once you schedule your reading, I will be in contact via phone to understand your intentions for the reading.  You will then receive the reading via e-mail within 24-48 hours. I also incorporate some chakra scanning and crystal healing during the angel card session.