Energy & Vitality Gemstone Bracelet

Energy & Vitality Gemstone Bracelet

This gemstone bracelet is great for anyone looking to increase their daily energy and vitality.

It is comprised of:

  • Rutiliated Quartz: Channels large amounts of energy, amplifies, allows one to manifest what they want through the power of intention.
  • Clear Quartz: A versatile & multidimensional stone, clear quartz brings heightened awareness, healing, and enhancement of other stones in a harmonious vibration.
  • Citrine: Opens doors for increased clarity of thought, awakens creativity, brings second, third and sixth chakras into harmony with each other, synchronizing the processing and balance of life experiences surrounding emotion, personal identity, intellect, decision-making, abundance, inspiration and wisdom.
  • Aragonite: Increases vitality and stamina, and is a reminder to compassionately and fully embrace everything that life brings, to find beauty and perfection in both triumph and tragedy, love and loss, and all states in-between.
  • Red Tiger Eye: Energizes one who feels lethargic, and allows higher vibrational energies to flow through and balance the lower chakras, rooting one fully into their own personal power to do good and open up to unconditional love.
**Sizing: One size fits MOST.  By default, bracelets are made to fit a 6" wrist comfortably: not too tight, not too loose.  However, if you would like a different size, please submit wrist size information in the "additional info" form at checkout.
Remember to cleanse your stones regularly and to reset your intention for the bracelet with gratitude and love as often as you'd like. *It should be noted that I am not a medical doctor, and that crystals are a part of a holistic wellness program to amplify your intentions for healing and increased quality of life. **Additional lifestyle actions are likely necessary in detailed aspects of life to fully heal the underlying issue(s). Meditate with your stones or sign up for our upcoming newsletters to gain insight into some wellness practices that can help you live your best life.