“Free Your Heart” Gemstone Bracelet - Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Hematite

“Free Your Heart” Gemstone Bracelet - Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Hematite

This beautiful piece is not only gentle on the eyes, but also on the heart and soul. The heart is a fragile thing.  It can be full of love and yet simultaneously be in pain and turmoil by hate, anger, feelings of lack, and all the lowest vibrational energies.  The premise of this bracelet is to help you free your heart of these negative vibrations and amplify the energies of letting go of the things that no longer serve you, restoring true peace, love and compassion to your life.  Release stress on a cellular level and live life to the light-hearted vibes of joy and longevity rather than despair, death and disease.

It is comprised of:

  • Rose Quartz: A gentle, but amplifying stone, its energy is of pure love.  Love of self, your partner, family, friends, community, the Earth, the Universe.  It helps to heal the heart of its wounds and reawaken its trust.  Calm, cleanse, and soothe your emotions and auric field, bringing together the upper and lower chakras in unity.
  • Labradorite: Mentally and intuitively root out old negative patterns with this protective stone.  Adventure lies ahead as it allows one to do deep inner work and to powerfully and positive affect their surrounding environment.
  • Hematite: Useful for grounding your greatest dreams and intentions for manifesting a fully-embodied life.  Helps to anchor highly spiritual beings into the physical world by pulling scattered energies through the meridians and into the root chakra.

**Sizing: One size fits MOST.  By default, bracelets are made to fit a 6″ wrist comfortably: not too tight, not too loose.  However, if you would like a different size, please submit wrist size information in the “additional info” form at checkout.
*It should be noted that I am not a medical doctor, and that crystals are best used as part of a holistic wellness program to amplify your intentions for healing and increased quality of life.  In cases of emergency, please contact your primary care physician. **Additional lifestyle actions are likely necessary in detailed aspects of life to fully heal the underlying issue(s). Meditate with your stones or sign up for our upcoming newsletters to gain insight into some wellness practices that can help you live your best life.