Teardrop Magnesite Silver Earrings

Teardrop Magnesite Silver Earrings

Size: Approximately 1" high x 3/4" wide.  Sterling silver hooks.

Commonly mistaken for turquoise, magnesite has a range of properties all its own.

This stone in raw form actually resembles a brain, and some of its uses correspond accordingly:

  • Calms the mind, helping relax during meditation, creative visualization, and yoga
  • Enables new ideas, thoughts & visions to come to the forefront of the mind
  • May help relieve migraines and headaches

Magnesite also encourages unconditional love.  Physically, it may help lower cholesterol, strengthen bones & teeth, regulates extremes in body temp, and help with PMS symptoms.

Magnesite is low on the Moh's hardness scale, meaning it can be more delicate and is best stored in a soft pouch when not in use.